Настоящий Щелкунчик — Музыкальный спектакль на льду

The Real Nutcracker - Fairy Ice Performance

performance on ice

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The World Premiere for the whole family!

  • Нижний Новгород Дворец спорта профсоюзов

    15 декабря 2019

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  • Архангельск КРК "Нагорный"

    21 декабря 2019

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  • Рига, Латвия Arēna Rīga

    28 декабря 2019

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  • Вильнюс, Литва Pramogų Arena

    31 декабря 2019

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  • Петрозаводск СК "ЛУМИ"

    2 января 2020

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  • Мурманск Ледовый Дворец

    3 января 2020

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  • Йошкар-Ола Ледовый дворец «Марий Эл»

    4 января 2020

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  • Чебоксары Чебоксары Арена

    5 января 2020

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  • Ташкент, Узбекистан Хумо Арена

    7 января 2020

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  • Ташкент, Узбекистан Хумо Арена

    8 января 2020

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On New Year's Eve, children and adults will go through the wonderful world of the most beloved New Year's fairy tale.

The traditional fairness of the Russian ice-dance combined in masterly fashion with the modern technically skilled figure-skating, impressive multimedia scenic design, brightly coloured costumes, great music of P. I. Tchaikovsky and author songs in order to afford pleasure not only to children but to the knowing spectators.

Duration: 1 h 30 min

Age limit: 0+

Magnificent cast

In addition to professional artists of the world ice shows, the troupe is also composed of active athletes of the Russian national figure skating team, representatives of the best Moscow schools.

Sophisticated costumes

Original character images, contemporary design together with the elegance of historical costume reveal the characters 
and take the audience into a fascinating world of adventure.

Memorable music

The musical arrangement of the performance is based on fragments of Tchaikovskys masterpiece, as well as on completely new original songs and instrumental compositions, which reveal the roles and feelings of the characters. The voice acting is presented by stars of the Russian scene: Mariam Merabova, Alexander Ustyugov and Theona Dolnikova.


Creative team

The creators of the performance took the role of pioneers of the genre "Musical Show on Ice" in Russia.

For more than 10 years this creative team has been involved in the production and holding of a huge number of festivals, concerts, spectacular events and, of course, ice shows.

Stanislav Korchevskiy

Director, Creative Producer


Nikita Mikhailov

Choreography Director


Alexander Ustyugov

The voice acting


Mariam Merabova

The voice acting


Theona Dolnikova

The voice acting


Konstantin Dunaevskiy

The voice acting


Leonid Todorov



Denis Davydov



Konstantin Salavatov

Costume designer


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